Bonded Architectural Panels

Bonded Technology Corporation manufactures a variety of laminated metal infill panels to meet even your most stringent requirements.  The panels can be manufactured to meet virtually any insulation concerns while maintaining a high quality appearance to ensure the product meets your design criteria.  The laminated panels can be easily manufactured with a variety of finishes including standard and custom architectural paint and anodized.

Laminated metal panel types offered as part of our BondTek™ product line include:

  • Insulated panels

  • Veneer (non-insulated) panels

  • Fire resistant panels

  • Acoustical panels

  • Impact resistant panels

  • Formed edge and flush look panels

Bonded Technology Corp. has the ability to complement its BondTek™ panels with flat aluminum sheet to match the panels.  This allows the contractor to have the ability to form their accompanying sheet metal flashing, trim, and miscellaneous brakemetal.