Formed FlushGlaze Insulated Architectural Panels

BondTek™ Formed FlushGlaze Insulated Architectural Panel



The BondTek™ Formed FlushGlaze Insulated Architectural Panel is one of the most versatile panels offered.  With Bonded Technology Corporation's state-of-the-art fabrication equipment, formed flanges can be easily incorporated in the panel.  The panel can be used as an alternative to glass in any curtainwall, storefront, window or spandrel application.  The panel can be easily formed so that it can be flush with the curtainwall or storefront system instead of setting back in the system.  The additional thickness in the panel also offers additional insulation value to meet the most stringent requirements.  The panel is a seven ply bonded composition which includes metal skins on both sides supported by stabilizers for flatness and insulated with either a Polyisocyanurate or Expanded Polystyrene core.  For impact resistance, the panel can also incorporate heavier gauge materials up to 1/8” aluminum plate or utilize a cement board stabilizer.


BondTek™ Finishes include:

  • Color chart which includes over 30 standard Kynar 500®/Hylar 5000® manufacturer’s colors
  • Anodized finishes
    • Clear Satin
    • Dark Bronze
    • Medium Bronze
    • Light Bronze
    • Champagne
    • Extra Dark Bronze
  • Custom Kynar 500®/Hylar 5000® colors that can be matched easily and economically

Bonded Technology Corp. has the ability to complement its BondTek™ panels with flat aluminum sheet to match the panels.  This allows the contractor to have the ability to form their accompanying sheet metal flashing, trim, and miscellaneous brakemetal.


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